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When talking about web careers, issues connecting to Web design and Web development are often at the fore. But what is Web Development? Definitions differ widely depending on your view point. Web development is all you need to design, create, support and build websites.

Web development is what makes a website – ease of use, aesthetics, impressive and related content, appropriate graphics, functionality, search features, visual clues, conventional navigation and other features.

The essence of Web development therefore is to make sure that a website fulfills all its purpose.

Web career options

Popular options or sample titles in the web arena consist of Web developer, Web designer, Web master, Web project managers and Content provider.

Web developers develop websites that offer content, calculate amounts, provide e-business services and present data. Web design is often implied in Web development i.e. the meeting of the two skill sets of programming and design or graphics.

On the other hand the Web administrator and Webmaster, usually focuses on the effectiveness and efficiency of the site, after the site has been built and is already in use.

The manager of Web project works with other web team members for bringing web projects on time, to specifications and on budget. Not every website uses project managers, but they are essential for large web projects and business sites.

The content writer or developer makes sure that the content is appropriate and up-to-date and for this purpose good editing and writing skills are essential.

Many web developers go for a preferred OS platform for doing their work. Selecting a platform early in your career helps you in becoming skillful in that platform. Many people generally choose between Microsoft and Unix or Linux. But to expand your options, you may learn and master both platforms. For programming depending on your platform, the selection could be either between PHP or MySQL or ASP or Access.

Generally the styles and platforms of design and programming language may differ. But the end result is what is important. There are many ways of attaining a common design or development by using different methods.

No career option is better than other. The decision of which to use on a web project often depends on the project’s objectives as well as the value judgment of site owner. However, it should be obvious that the busiest areas are web design and web development.

Web design and web development is all about a high quality experience for the website audience by creating the right feel and look and usability design while optimizing website functionality and interactivity.

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