Reasons behind Refurbished Nortel Network Phones Popularity

Generally Nortel network equipments are costly and somehow if the phone is damaged it better to go for a repair rather than purchasing a new or a used Nortel phones. A refurbished Nortel phones are double tested and individually boxed with new buttons, line cords and handset cords. Each phone is cleaned, sanitized and brought up to current software standards. Beside this buying refurbished Nortel phones equipment allows us to maximize the telecom dollar.

Sometime one may feel that opting for a refurbished Nortel phone is not a good decision because everyone is not clear about the repairing methods i.e. while repairing all the plastics are machine buffed and in some cases repainted professionally. Every control unit, telephone and circuit card goes through a rigorous testing and quality control session to ensure that once we see and use the product, we know that we will be confident that the product will work out of the box, but work for a long time. Another important fact about refurbished Nortel phones is that some company provides a 12 month warranty on a refurbished Nortel similar to that of a used Nortel. Beside the above mentioned facts there is one important fact i.e. recycling electronics equipment since if one purchases refurbished equipment which is less costlier than used Nortel or a new Nortel can go for a recycling after a gap of one or two years because it always very much important to recycle electrical equipments to protect our environment from increasing levels of global warming.

Now one may have the confusion that while purchasing refurbished equipments one may think that the company may not provide a proper user manual or a training to use the phone but this is actually a misconception since they offer proper installation training and a user guide. Beside this it is often seen that a client using refurbished equipment often ask the company whether it’s new or not. So it can be concluded very easily that opting for refurbished equipment is a good option to reduce cost.


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