Some Facts about Wireless Bridge

A wireless bridge is a device which connects two or more network users to communicate with one another over long distances, without wires. These devices can be in the same building (same floor or different floors), in adjacent building, or even a few miles apart. These devices connect to the wired networks through a wireless Ethernet bridge and then it replicates the data to an access point or a remote network bridge via wireless protocol or WiFi.

A point to point wireless bridge is the simplest way to connect and configure two networks in separate locations. There can also be point to multi point wireless bridge in which one device can be wirelessly connected to multiple locations. These are mostly used in schools and university campuses, corporate campuses, hospitals and other places.

To set up a point to point bridge link, few things are required:

  • A pole or a tower needs to be installed, may be on the roof top, for the purpose of achieving this. However, before installation, a site survey is recommended.
  • For selecting a wireless bridge, a few considerations are to be made like distance, wireless protocol, frequency and location (indoor or outdoor). Distance determines the type of antenna needed; whether someone needs an external antenna or an integrated antenna ¬†depending on the distance.
  • Whether one wants to use bridge base or anything with protocol propriety, is also to be considered.
  • It is also important to determine whether one wants a licensed or unlicensed band.
  • Whether someone needs an indoor or outdoor wireless bridge is something which is once again dependent on the location.
  • The other required items are: selecting a proper wireless antenna, suitable peripherals like lightning arrestors, and so on.

Finally, it is always advisable to select a professional installer for the setup and configuration procedure.

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