Something about Employee Identification Cards

Employee identification cards range from standard photo identifications to multi-use cards which include employee and visitor identifications, building access and network login, time, attendance and payroll statements. The magic card printer family contains everything that is required to create our required cards. They also provide complete protection against using a holograms laminate or by the use of unique low cost HoloKote watermark technology. Custom HoloKote flex is a full size, secure custom HoloKote watermark. It imprints a logo watermark of any size and location on the card. Compared to the custom holographic laminates it’s a mere fraction of the cost and available in days not in months. For a modest set up free and no extra ongoing printing cost we can print as many cards we like with our custom flex design printed with Magiccard Rio pro printer, custom flex is customized to our design and delivered on a CD with a unique RFID card for total security.

Magic card identity card or employee identification cards include printers that support a wide range of cards encoding in the printer.  Magic stripe is a dual coercivity HiCo/LoCo magnetic stripe encoder option which offers encoding on all three tracks with complete user format flexibility. Chip contact, optional ISO 7816 internal smart card chip encoding contact station can be combined with the magnetic stripe encoder option. Various contactless smart card encoding options are available in the market. Combi encoding is supported by all magic card printers. The patented magic card is an anti-forgery card protection and eliminates the threat from fake identities. The employee identification cards have anti copying watermark printed across the entire card surface. When the card is viewed at an angle the watermark provides visual authentication. There is no additional cost involved in printing HoloKate cards. Edge to Edge is a high quality 300 dpi images with true colors right to the edge of the cards.


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