The Concept of BSS OSS and Telecommunications Billing

Business support systems or BSS is a shared term used for the telecoms software solutions. BSS as a term covers software that supports product management & design, sales & marketing, billing and charging and customer management. Telecom billing is also one of the components of BSS.

BSS is different from a related term called OSS or Operational support systems which offer network-facing solutions.

BSS OSS are related to each other and need to work hand in hand that is why you encounter terms like BOSS, OSS/BSS, BSSOSS and BOSS.  If both the process has to work closely, then what is this separation of these terms? If you go back in time, two names are there because two different departments handled them, IT took care of BSS and Networks took care of OSS. In the same way two different vendors supported them. But as time passed by, vendors have broadened their scope of work and some of them include both BSS and OSS.

Telecommunications billing is the cluster of processes of communications service providers that are liable to collect the data consumption, compute charging and billing info, prepare bills for customers, process the payments. This process of billing is quite significant for communication service provider irrespective of their specialization.

No telecommunication service provider can operate without an appropriate setup for billing which is the prime revenue source. So, the billing functions can be congregated to three primary areas, namely, information management, operations and financial management.

Operations part deals with call detail records, network traffic measurement data, usage data and other call and network related things. Financial management deals with the payment processing and tracking. It also helps in the calculation of company taxes. Information management in telecom billing becomes a part of CRM or customer relationship management and deals with customer information and pricing of different products and models.


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